Department of Diagnostics

Regular checkups are one of the fundamental components of a healthy lifestyle.

Early and accurate diagnosis is essential for effective disease treatment. Early intervention allows not only to diagnose the smallest changes in the normal function of the body in time, but also to identify the risk factors for many serious diseases.

Advanced diagnostic programs at Medisra Medical Center allow you to get your diagnosis as soon as possible, in most cases just in two working days!

Our medical center has the following types of diagnosis:

Laboratory diagnostics

  • Biochemical diagnosis

  • Immunological diagnosis

  • Genetic diagnosis

  • Pathohistological diagnosis

Diagnostic ultrasound

  • 4D ultrasound (internal organs)

  • Doppler

  • Duplex

  • ECHO - heart ultrasound

  • MRI Ultrasound (new method of diagnosis of internal organs)


Nuclear - magnetic diagnostics

  • 4D CT SOMATOM Definition Edge - 384 reconstructed slices

  • MRI

  • PET/CT

  • Virtual colonoscopy

  • Virtual coronary angiography

  • Isotope scan (scintigraphy)



  • X-ray

  • Mammography


Instrumental diagnostics

  • Gastroscopy

  • Colonoscopy

  • Arthroscopy

  • Laparoscopy

  • Bronchoscopy

  • Thoracoscopy

  • Audiometry (BERA)

  • EEG and Video EEG test

  • EMG

  • ECG

  • Holter monitoring


Diagnosis costs in Medisra



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