Department of Surgery and Transplantology

Department of Surgery

Operational methods used in Croatia would be fantastic ten years ago, such as the use of surgical robots or miniature cameras with a light source placed in a small capsule. The key to successful surgery is accurate diagnosis. This is done by tomography, radiography, ultrasound and nuclear research.

Earlier, surgical procedures were more complicated and with a greater risk of complications. Reason to this were imperfections in technology, complexity of the procedures and other factors. If the risk of complications was high, the patient could not be operate because of a possible fatal outcome. Developed modern Israeli medicine significantly reduces risk of complications and gives the patient hope for recovery. As the number of patients seeking help from the Croatian clinics increases, so does the number of successful surgeries growing as well.

In Medisra clinic, most popular areas are:

  • neurosurgery;

  • cardiosurgery;

  • urological surgery;

  • orthopedic surgery;

  • oncosurgery;

  • transplantology;

  • plastic and aesthetic surgery.

More specific areas such as the neck surgery are also actively developing. Each of these areas of surgery includes its specific set of surgery procedures. It is important for the surgeon to learn this information perfectly, because health and life of the patient depends on them. Partly, this explains the high cost of treatment. However, surgery procedures in Croatia are more accessible than in US, Europe and Israel clinics.

Minimally invasive surgery

Our surgeons in Medisra clinic widely use minimally invasive methods in their practice. Surgical procedures are preformed according to the principle of least intervention with maximum help. Minimally invasive endoscopic procedures include several (usually 3) punctures on patient's body through which an endoscope and a surgical instrument are delivered to the surgical field.

In addition to reducing risk of complications, minimally invasive procedure has many other advantages, for example absence of heavy bleeding, lower cost of treatment and absence of large scars on the body. Procedures like that do not require long term rehabilitation and efficiency is significantly higher than in open surgery procedures.

Surgery procedures in Croatia affect all areas of medicine, because each area of medicine requires skilled surgeons. Generally, in surgery, every doctor must have narrow specialization, because even one area requires a large amount of knowledge and experience.

Department of liver transplantation

Liver transplantation is needed in situations when liver is so damaged that it becomes dangerous for the patient's life. After going through all necessary medical examinations, the donor organ is prepared for the patient and the surgical procedure begins. During such surgical procedures, surgeons work as precisely and as possible quickly to reduce the stress level on the cardiovascular system and avoid possible complications. Because of the big transplantation potential, patients, even in advanced stages of cirrhosis, get a chance to recover. The period of mandatory hospitalization after surgery may be from 4 to 12 days, depending on the condition of the patient.

Dr. Kocman is one of the best transplant surgeons in the world. He performed more than a thousand liver and kidney transplants. Croatia is the world leader in organ transplants and patients from all over the world come to Croatia for liver and kidney transplantation.

Due to our great experience and very reasonable prices, we can help a lot, and many patients.

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