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Medisra Medical Center

Our medical center is the largest leading medical center in Israel. During many years of our work, we helped more than 10 000 patients from different parts of the former Commonwealth countries, as well as citizens of other European countries. Since we have a lot of experience in this field in Israel, we decided to bring all our knowledge and most advanced methods to a country where costs of medical services are incomparably lower than the prices in Israel and Germany. A wide range of highly educated doctors and specialists with European diplomas and cooperation with Israeli specialists, as well as the use of the latest medical equipment and modern medicine allow us to guarantee that we can solve the toughest problems both in diagnosis and treatment of many diseases.

Our medical center is open for everyone who wants treatments in Israel as well as in Croatia.

Contact us and we will help you with all your health problems!

The latest equipment, leading experts and the latest methods of treatment

+385 99 334 1700

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Grand Center, 2 Hektoroviceva street, 5th Floor, 10000, Zagreb

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