Department of Orthopedics, Traumatology and Spine Surgery

Orthopedics - one of the most popular branches of medicine, which has evolved quickly in recent years. Modern trends in orthopedics like minimally invasive surgery, orthopedic surgical robots and new technologies in knee arthroplasty can cope with the most serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Medisra embodies the latest achievements in orthopedics, trauma surgery and patient rehabilitation. Patients treated at Medisra Department of Orthopedics enjoy the following benefits:

  • Highly qualified doctors. Clinic consists of an experienced team of specialists with many years of experience. Among our doctors there are many professors of medicine who are well known outside of Croatia. Besides medical activities, our doctors are involved in research work as well so that they can develop new effective surgical and endoprosthetics techniques and new methods to improve rehabilitation of patients.

  • Next Generation Technologies. For accurate diagnosis and quality treatment we use medical equipment from world's leading medical device companies. Our orthopedic surgeons apply minimal invasive arthroscopic surgery, during which almost no blood loss occurs and patient is fully recovered after few days.

  • Rapid rehabilitation. Medisra Clinic fulfills all conditions for rapid rehabilitation of patients undergoing surgical treatment of the musculoskeletal system. Our team of rehabilitation specialists with modern physical therapy techniques, therapeutic physical training, massage, manual physical therapy and other procedures will quickly put any patient on its feet even after the most difficult surgery.

Every year orthopedic surgeons of our clinic save many patients from around the world from painful suffering. Pediatric orthopaedist are happy to help children to get rid of the complex malformations of the musculoskeletal system.

Treatment without surgery

Our clinic uses wide range of non-surgical techniques:

  • Biological orthokine - therapy - patient is injected with serum taken from his blood

  • Latest steroidal drugs

  • Introduction of stem cells and cartilage reproduction

And many other effective non-surgical techniques.

Arthroscopic surgery on joints, spine surgery and sports medicine

Orthopedics in Croatia - one of the most powerful aspects of Croatian medicine!

It should be noted that initially doctors are trying to heal patients in available conservative ways. However, if such treatment does not help, doctors proceed with a surgery. In Croatia for surgical treatment of intervertebral herniation we apply minimally invasive surgery. Doctor makes a small incision 2-3 cm through which are removed pathological elements of intervertebral herniation. After intervertebral hernia treatment patients are released from clinic after few days. If necessary, after surgery, patient undergoes rehabilitation including physical therapy, exercise and other recovery processes. Arthroscopic surgery successfully treats torn ligaments, meniscus, arthrosis and arthritis. 10-15 years ago joint surgery was one of the most complicated surgeries. Doctors were doing open joint surgery, which is quite traumatic and requires a long recovery period. In Medisra clinic, in most cases, joint surgery is performed using minimally invasive techniques.

Arthroscopic operations are modern, minimally invasive operating techniques in which small fibre optics and video cameras are inserted into the joint through tiny incisions. The necessary surgical procedure is carried out using miniature instruments and surgeon can clearly see surgical field on large monitor.

Often professional athletes require arthroscopic surgery. Sports medicine is another area in Medisra that is popular among Croatian citizens and foreigners. Many famous athletes ask our doctors to help them with various injuries gained during training and competition.

Joint arthroplasty in Croatia

In severe cases, when joint dislocates completely from its normal position, the only way to help patient is arthroplasty. This is an artificial joint surgery where doctors use prosthetic joints designed to move the same way natural joints do.

Arthroplasty has already started to develop in the second half of the last century, and has been significantly improved over the last 50 years. Currently, our clinic offers our patients modern joint replacement implants made of strong materials that can last for 20-25 years. Moreover, implants used in Croatia are highly biocompatible. The body does not reject them and patient with prosthesis is able to be physically active and play sports.

In Medisra clinic you can do hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle and other joints replacement surgery. Prosthesis for patient is made on an individual basis, considering patients specific dimensions and other parameters. In Croatia, we use three-dimensional arthroplasty technique, in which prosthesis for a patient is based on computer data visualization. A special 3D printer creates a joint that is ideal for the patient. Most often this prosthetic technology is used in knee or hip joint replacement.

Diagnosis in orthopedics department

Treatment of the disease always starts with diagnosis, and the quality of treatment depends on the accuracy of the diagnosis. In Medisra clinic we use modern visualization techniques for musculoskeletal system.

Diagnosis takes 3-4 days, after which each patient continues with its own individual treatment regimen. Medical examination includes a series of laboratory tests and instrumental procedures necessary to establish a precise diagnosis.

Treatment costs

Knee joint treatment:

1. Arthroscopy, meniscectomy, cleaning of articular surfaces - 2900 €

2. Ligament reconstruction stability - 6100 €

3. Complete endoprosthesis (replacement) of the knee joint - 14600 €

4. Osteotomy - 7200 €


Ankle joint and foot:

1. Ankle arthroscopy (diagnostic) - 4150 €

2. Ankle arthroscopy (medical) - 4750 €

3. Ankle ligament reconstruction - 5300 €

4. Reconstruction of the Achilles tendon - 5000 €

5. Hallux valgus surgery - 3950 €


Shoulder joint treatment:

1. Arthroscopic reconstruction of the shoulder ligaments - 6900 €

2. Arthroscopic stabilization of the shoulder ligaments - 5200 €

3. Complete replacement of the shoulder joint - 14600 €


Elbow joint treatment:

1. Elbow arthroscopy - 5100 €

2. Decompression of the ulnar nerve - 3800 €


Hip joint treatment:

1. Hip arthroscopy - 7100 €

2. Complete replacement of the hip joint - 14600 €


Spine treatment:

1. Laser disc decompression - 7100 €

2. Endoscopic dissection (disc herniation, spinal stenosis) - 11200 €

3. Laminectomy (narrowing of the spinal cord canal) - 8500 €

4. Vertebral fixation (cervical and lumbar spine) - 19900 €

5. Kifoplasty - 14000 €

6. Vertebroplasty (compression, spinal metastases, osteonecrosis) - 9200 €

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