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Treatments in Stomatology Department Medisra do not cause any feelings of unpleasantness, discomfort or pain. Sign up for a check-up at our clinic! Leave your contact information and we will give you free consultation about all dental treatments in Croatia.

Our clinic uses most advanced implantology and orthodontic procedures, such as one-step non-surgical implantation, 4D implantation, installation of crowns and zirconia bridges and many others. Our trained professionals at Medisra clinic can safely say they return a white smile to the patients without pain and suffering. Painless and effective procedures are one of the main advantages of the clinic, especially when it comes to pediatric dentistry.

Latest advances in dental implants technology

One-step non-surgical implantation

Experienced dentists at Medisra clinic can place you transgingival dental implants without cutting the gums. With this method crown is placed in only 1 week. This is a very short period of implantation compared with classical implantation, besides the procedure is painless and does not require many stitches. Implant size is selected individually, taking into account all medical data.

Main advantages of the one-step implantation:

  • Teeth restoration (2-4 sessions);

  • Absence of discomfort after implantation;

  • Implant placement immediately after tooth extraction

4D implantation

This is one of the most modern methods of dental implantation in Croatia. The main advantage of the method is that it allows the implant to be placed without bone augmentation (even if is only 4 mm). Already a week after surgery, patient with a complete lack of teeth can chew solid food.

4D implants are being implemented using unique equipment BOI, developed by the Swiss company Ihde Dental AG. The procedure can be performed immediately after tooth extraction, goal is achieved in one surgery.

4D implantology has the following advantages:

  • It can help patients who have augmentation of bone tissue and patients completely without teeth

  • Procedure is only implemented once

  • Temporary plastic prosthesis is placed third day after surgery

Metal ceramic crowns

In Medisra clinic we are reshaping crowns which helps to remove signs of damage, decay or staining. Crown frame is made of first-class German hypoallergenic alloy and Japanese ceramic coating, thanks to these materials, an ideal aesthetic effect is achieved. 

In order for crown to be firmly fixed and underneath the pathological processes, dentists perform an endodontic treatment of the root canal and then strengthening the tooth with a fiberglass pin.

The process of installing a crown takes 2-3 visits and includes the following phases:

  • Checkup

  • Treatment, dissection, taking a mold

  • Dental crown installation

When installing a crown with the tab there might be needed fitting and adjustment.

  • Zirconium – dioxide based frame crowns

The zirconium-dioxide based crowns are the latest innovation of modern aesthetic dentistry, widely used in Medisra. Zirconium-dioxide crowns are mostly placed at the front teeth because they are perfectly aesthetic, extremely precise and long-lasting. In Medisra we also have zirconia bridges for the prosthesis and implant. Zirconium based ceramics weighs much less than traditional metal ceramics.

Main advantages of crowns and prostheses with zirconium dioxide frame:

  • high biocompatibility

  • increased strength

  • natural and aesthetic appearance

The frame itself is already white or tooth coloured and does not let light through, so it is perfectly suitable for covering grey teeth.

Zirconium crowns and prostheses are designed by CEREC method - CAD/CAM (Computer Assisted Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology. This is a fully computerized process that includes all phases: from modeling prosthesis to frame design. The operator-dependent errors are excluded compared to the conventional prosthetic protocol. Treatment procedure is organized in phases in the shortest possible time:

  1. Oral cavity is sanitized.

  2. Medical procedures (usually done the same day, even if they last for 5-7 hours)

  3. The next day patient comes for examination, if it is necessary, we make corrections (shape and color of the teeth, prosthetic structures, etc.)

The big majority of patients returns to normal life the next day after treatment.

Services provided in the Department of Stomatology

We treat a wide range of diseases in our department and many services as well. Specifically, this includes:

Therapeutic dentistry:

  • Treatment of dental caries;

  • Pulpitis;

  • Periodontitis.

Surgical dentistry:

  • Tooth extraction;

  • Soft Tissue Surgeries;

  • Prosthetics;

  • Implantation;

  • Bone Grafting;

  • Correction of a gummy smile.

Orthopedic stomatology:

  • Prosthetics using cermet's (including gold-based platinum alloy);

  • Metal-free ceramics prostheses and prostheses with micro-locks

  • Skull repair after major crush injury (fracture correction, microsurgery of joints);

  • Occlusal correction.

Cosmetic Dentistry:

  • Correction of wide open interdental spaces;

  • Elimination of cracked teeth

  • Enamel cleaning and removal of dental plaque;

  • Tooth color restoration and shine of tooth enamel

  • Tooth whitening;

  • Elimination of coffee and nicotine stains;

  • Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART)

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